Irma Hurt our Efforts. Maria is on the Way.

$1,270 raised

$10,000 goal

/ 150


There was unprecedented damage throughout the United States Virgin Islands where we have our boat, our programs, and our staff. Currently, the islands are under martial law, and efforts continue to bring in food, water, and temporary shelter. Some of our supporters family members have assisted with sending shipping containers of food, coolers and other life sustaining necessities. Electricity is gone, and fresh water is in demand.

"White Cloud", the Foundation's vessel sustained damage while on a boat trailer. With 185 mile winds and a direct landfall on our base, the vessel was tipped over on it's side and also sustained damage to the propeller shaft. Needless to say, C.O.R.E. life has been placed on standby until aid can be realized to help everyone in need.

I sincerely believe that we will need a major effort to not only repair our vessel but to continue our work.

Thank you for your help. John Rubattino, President CORE Foundation

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